Youth Co-lab Boot Camp

Any idea that initially appear in our mind is started just like a feeling. A feeling that other can’t see and you are difficult to describe but u believe it.

It is just like a diamond that hide inside a rock, you bring around and show to people but nobody believe how great and the value of the rock.

Pitching is a process that help us remove the dust that cover the rock, unveil the diamond that hiding inside, unlock the value of your great idea through series of problem analysis, fact finding, business model structuring, and etc.

We may be think ” ah…What is that…Can it work?” While we listen to the different idea presented by others on the first day.
After so many advices, guidances from mentors, brainstorming among team member and finally present to the judge.
We can see that many ideas are awesome and now you believe they will create great impact.

Today I learn no judgement, many ideas are just need the right method to do it right and the most importantly take action to verify ur idea, any small step is good.

If you believe you have good idea, what u need to do is fight, keep on fight from day to day until you make ur idea work.

Youth co lab can solve the challenge of our world NOT started by the finalist or winner at the end of the program but everyone of us that come into this camp and we start to take the first step out to understand the problem, laverage resources, hand in hand to empower anyone who have idea to make world a better place.

My sharing of mind after 3 days of great time in Youth CoLab